COVID-19 in Canada

Linked line charts that show COVID-19 figures in Canadian provinces and territories

data visualization · data analysis

Exploring ethnic music collections

A system for exploring ethnic music libraries geared towards the general public

UX research · data analysis

Life expectancy and income

An interactive scatterplot that displays life expectancy and GDP per capita figures between 1960 and 2018

data visualization · data analysis

Human development index

An interactive choropleth map that displays human development indices between 1990 and 2018

data visualization · data analysis

Beyond the three-point arc

An essay about the prevalence of three-point shots in the National Basketball Association that combines interactive visualizations and text

data visualization · data analysis


An interface for organizing, visualizing and exploring music collections that groups tracks according to acoustic similarity

UX research · data visualization · app development · data analysis

Let's face it!

A platform designed to help children on the autism spectrum learn faces and recognize emotions

UX research · app development

SEoT Datamart

A reporting tool that shows aggregated data from course and instructor evaluations conducted at the University of British Columbia

UX research

Market study

Interactive visualizations that show the competitiveness of Minas Gerais products in international markets

data visualization · UX research