I have been assisting people in their interactions with technology since I was a kid. As I enjoyed learning how things work, I was in charge of getting acquainted with new technologies, and teaching my parents and their friends how to use them. Fast forward a few years and I was an engineering student at UFMG.

As a telecommunications engineer I used technology to allow people to communicate with each other using voice, video and data. I was not able to make people-technology interactions more fulfilling by focusing on technology only, though.

In order to learn more about users' behaviours and motivations, I switched domains and pursued a master's degree in computer science at the University of Victoria. During my graduate studies, I developed an interface for exploring and visualizing music collections, and conducted a user study to evaluate it. Moreover, I learned that user experience should be at the forefront of product development.

Since I finished my master's I have been collaborating with designers, developers, researchers, product managers and subject matter experts to craft engaging experiences. I have broad experience in working collaboratively with stakeholders to find solutions and meet deadlines in cross-functional, multicultural and geographically distributed settings.

I am looking for opportunities to assist organizations with challenges related to UX research, data visualization and analysis, and technical writing.